Mark and Jessica G.

"Marianne sold our house in 9 days! The whole experience was amazing. Everything that needed to happen happened.  This can be attributed to Marianne's foresight and dedication. She understands the stress and emotions involved in the buying and selling of a home and kept the process moving through difficult decision points by communicating well and being proactive about heading off any potential issues or tough spots in the road. She did thorough research in our market area and basically nailed the selling price."

Becky S.

"One of Marianne's best qualities is customer service and listening to what her clients need. She will put your interests in front of her making a buck because she knows that customer loyalty is more than pushing through to a result that isn't completely LOVED by her customers. And she is a realist. She is honest about what needs to happen to get you what you want and will be upfront about it (in a very pleasant way of course!)"

Tracy D. and Saul L.

"Impeccable service. Always thinking of us and looking down the road for potential issues and opportunities."