Forest Avenue

Looking for a phenomenal Western View? Forest Avenue may be the neighborhood for you. It features some of the best Western Views on Mercer Island, along with some the most luxurious high-end homes and expansive private waterfront accesses.

The homes in this neighborhood range from those built back in the 1930s to newer construction. Forest Avenue also has a reputation as being an empty-nester haven. Miller Landing, one of several developed Landings* on Mercer Island, is located in the Forest Avenue neighborhood. Excellent waterfront access for outdoor pursuits like wildlife viewing, picnicking, swimming/wading, kayaking and canoeing is available at Miller Landing. Please note that no lifeguards are on duty at any of the Landings.

* A Landing is where a street ends right at Lake Washington

By Lisa Lewis. Copyright 2012 WRE/Mercer Island.