Tips, Trends & Living May 5, 2016

On Trend In Luxury Living

SZ_Gallery2_smallBeing a Windermere Premier Director has its benefits.  I am able to provide you concierge level services with ease, through the tools provided by Premier Properties. It also affords me the ability to stay current on the trends in luxury living. And seeing the latest and greatest is one of the most fun parts of my job. I thoroughly enjoy exceptional design and it makes me happy to be able to share this passion of mine with you.

One of the educational tools at my disposal is the monthly Premier Networking Breakfast I attend. At the March breakfast, brokers from around our region received noteworthy information regarding the latest interior trends for luxury homes. Ranging from classic to tech-savvy, all these trends have one thing in common- they exude a feeling of relaxation and joy, perfect for facing your day in style.

The hottest neutral is classic white. You are probably seeing a lot of white upon white in rooms featured on designer blogs and in decor magazines. The varying textures of the white accessories and furniture offer a unique profile against creamy white walls. Gray is a close second for walls, especially those hues with just a touch of gray in them.

Rubbed bronze and brushed or polished chrome are still highly sought after metals for fixtures. But gold tones are definitely making a comeback! And polished nickel is also a nice choice for fixtures in your baths and kitchens. Pendant lighting is so on-trend right now, especially for the kitchen.

Adding smart home technology to enhance your morning is highly desirable in luxury remodels and new construction. Imagine how nice it would be to turn on the shower from bed, set the temperature and be alerted when the water is warmed to the desired temperature. Including a Miele coffee system in the master bedroom is a popular suite feature. What a fantastic way to start your day!

Family rooms are starting to be referred to club rooms, a space where families can gather for casual evenings of board games, an afternoon of reading or lively after-dinner conversation. You may be noticing that these club rooms are tech free zones, perfect for spending quality time together.

Luxury homes are including dedicated space for the family pet. Not only do these special pet rooms include cozy accommodations for your pet to enjoy while you are out running errands or during a dinner party, but they often include doggy spa amenities like a dog washing sink sized for Spot to make bath time smoother.

The state of quality kitchen appliances, for both indoor and outdoors, has changed dramatically in the last 10 years. The gold standard for appliances is Aga, from the UK. It's often said in England that one has not arrived until they install Aga in their kitchens! It's projected that the way we do laundry will change dramatically in the next 20 years and that the traditional dryer will be phased out. We're seeing the advent of dryers that use less amps to run, and ventless systems.

If you have questions about home trends when considering updates for your house, I would love to be a resource for you. Please give me a call, or send me an email, so we can schedule a meeting to discuss your ideas and current interior design trends.