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White Hot Interior Trend for 2016!

dreamstime_m_54072929_resizedLet me share something that’s a bit surprising: 4 major paint companies – Behr, Glidden, Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams – all tapped a shade of white to be their “it” color for 2016.  In a time where we’re experiencing chaotic events globally, the calming, clean slate of white does soothe the senses. Achromatic white is fresh, uncluttered and bursting with potential. This powerful feeling of freedom and rejuvenation is a leading reason why shades within the white spectrum have become the hottest neutral trend this year.  

The right shade of white paint can give a tired room a much needed facelift. All white can be a dynamic wall color in a room with striking architecture features, or in space where you want the furniture, fixtures, or room accessories to take center stage. The white paint will allow those features to shine. If you want a room to stand the test of time more gracefully, pairing white walls with neutral trappings will feel classic instead of dated.

Margaret Russell, editor in chief of Architectural Digest, shared with the Washington Post, “I love the fact that Benjamin Moore chose a white, because it calls attention to the fact that there are so many nuances in white. You just want it to be the right one.” Color consultants caution that white paint options need to be vetted before committing to make sure the color it is right for the space.  In a dark room, white can make it look dull and uninviting. White looks it best when bathed in beautiful natural light. 

White has experienced a prevalent increased presence in European design blogs as well. Do you think it will oust gray as the top neutral?

Paint Colors Of The Year for 2016

Behr: Ivory Keys

Benjamin Moore: Simply White

Glidden: Cappuccino White

Sherwin-Williams: Alabaster

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