Tips, Trends & Living October 29, 2012

Feng Shui Tips for the Kitchen

With the weather changing and the upcoming holidays, many of us are enjoying more time in one of the most important rooms of the house, the kitchen.  It's the hub for not only food preparation and dining, but socializing as well.  In Feng Shui the kitchen relates to your health and wealth; based on the premise that as we nourish our bodies with healthy food, we are enabled to go out into the world and create wealth and other resources for our lives.

Here are five easy ways to tune up your kitchen in time for the holidays…

1. Add a fresh fruit and a fruit bowl to symbolize the abundance of nature


2. Place a shiny tea kettle on the stove top that reflects the burners and symbolically double your wealth potential


3. Display glass containers of grains and colorful pastas as a visual reminder to eat healthy


4. Rotate the use of the stove top burners keeping the fire element energized


5. Fix any plumbing leaks – water represents money energy in Feng Shui


Considering a kitchen remodel?  I have some great resources to help you maximize your layout design. 

Tips courtesy of Cynthia Chomos, Feng Shui Consultant and Color Designer,